A co-living space with a global outlook.

Built with a focus on community and interaction, Boston Living provides premium amenities at an affordable price.

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Since time immemorial, humans have thrived living together as a community. What began as tribes and clans have in the modern-day become residential complexes. Our innate social instinct to make connections gets challenged when our work takes us to various parts of the world without our family and friends. We find ourselves living with unfamiliar people. Recognizing this need, in 2018, Incor launched its first hospitality venture - Boston Living. This is designed to foster a feeling of community through new ideas and experiences. We believe there are no strangers here, but only friends who haven’t met. The objective of this project is to build a vibrant co-living space that provides a perfect blend of safety, comfort, and community. Know more  

Wellness Centre

Mini Cinema Rooms

24/7 Bistro

Game Room

Full-service Laundry

Super-fast WiFi

Food Truck

Room Clearing

Breakout Spaces