The comfort of feeling at home.

With warm, welcoming and comfortable spaces, Incor is getting ready to offer superior hospitality service that simply makes you feel at home.

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Co-living space

Coliving is a modern way of living together with like-minded people. The best part of coliving is the privilege of turning strangers into friends effortlessly. Incor designed a vibrant coliving space that brings together people to form a welcoming community. Here we take care of all your daily household chores. By providing you hygienic food, laundry service, breakout spaces, super-fast WiFi, 24/7 Bistro and mini cinema rooms, we make sure that your stay gives you a beautiful, fun experience.

Restaurants (Zza Cafe)

Incor’s restaurants present you with an exquisite dining experience and world-class culinary practices. We believe delicious food is an essential part of our life. So, we offer a feast for your senses with great taste, great ambience and an exciting menu. By making cafe-style casual dining lovable and different, we serve the arguably best food that lightens your mood and enlivens your moment. Every dish is carefully crafted with love and served with more love so that you leave with a fulfilling experience.

Upcoming Senior Living

Incor believes everyone deserves to live a healthy and happy life. Especially, elderly people deserve more happiness and love than anyone. So, we are coming up with senior living spaces with a mission to help elders and provide them with an independent living facility that takes care of them. With a focus on the personal care, health and emotional needs of individuals, we provide a truly happy place to live and enjoy their life as much as they can.