It is often said that the value of an idea lies in its usage. Adhering to its core philosophy, harnessing the power of endless possibilities, Incor has steadfastly moved towards innovating and delivering sustainable solutions to its customers in all its businesses. To do so, the group has devised a three-pronged approach of consistent encouragement of idea sharing through open forums in the group, persistent monitoring of innovations on the world stage and tenacious focus on execution.

Our real estate and health care businesses have been formed on three pillars: accessibility, affordability, and accountability. We strive to ensure every citizen has access to good housing and healthcare that he/she is able to afford. Accountability of great outcomes lies with us and is monitored closely.

AAA+ Care

Providing world-class health facilities to the community.

Engineering Excellence

Reshaping and building spaces by employing cutting-edge technology.

Building Communities

Enhancing the lives and lifestyles of people with sustainable communities.

Supporting Mental Health

Giving mental wellbeing equal priority on par with physical health.

Awards & Recognition