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Incor Lifesciences

Incor Lifesciences (ILS), USA is a biotech pharma company with API manufacturing as its core. The ILS team consists of renowned scientists from across the globe, who have come together to harness the power of their expertise to set new standards of medicine for the world. We are a unique company with connections in all segments of the value chain - R&D, raw materials, manufacturing, patents and regulatory. The team works with the aim of developing and manufacturing APIs in a more cost efficient fashion with advanced R&D and cutting-edge technology. We are a company focused on green manufacturing through innovative technology and unique value proposition at multiple points.

Incor Lifesciences is a technology based organization that primarily focuses on innovative research and development, and manufacturing of Application Programming Interface (APIs)


Uphold highest ethical standards and a good social conscience befitting for a company in a business that affects human lives. Together as a team, our mission drives us towards achieving this.


Our aim is to contribute towards the enrichment of the quality of life globally. We will continue to strive towards the creation of innovative pharmaceutical products that serve the purpose of fulfilling diverse medical needs.

The ILS Advantage

Artificial Intelligence:

Building technology with cost efficiency

Green Manufacturing:

Continuous Flow Chemistry offers the advantage of expediting the development time by eliminating the scale-up process

State of the art labs:

ILS has R&D organization in India called INCOR Laboratories Ltd. & one more R&D setup in Howard University, USA

Peptides & Co-crystals:

Exploiting emerging trends in pharma industry to deliver high value-added peptides & Co-crystals with clinically enhanced results

Orphan Drugs:

Repositioning existing drugs for new indications