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We believe mental health is as valuable as physical health and so we created this platform where people can seek help from professional therapists.

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Recognizing the growing need for attention towards mental health, Incor incubated the unique idea that is Praan Foundation. Built by a community of individuals who believe in creating a positive impact in the world of mental health, Praan started its operations in the year 2018. Incor believes that physical and mental health should be equally important. ‘Praan’ is an initiative that helps people reclaim mental health. With a multidimensional approach of onboarding qualified psychologists along with empathetic volunteers to create a greater impact, we are proud to have not only touched but also saved many lives. This platform has been giving hope for new beginnings.

To create awareness about emotional wellbeing and educate about mental illness and suicide prevention.

To eradicate the stigma associated with mental illness.

To create a thriving community of compassionate individuals who will assist those in need of emotional hand-holding.

Gift a Therapy Program

For some individuals its hard to come forward and seek help due to many reasons like lack of awareness, stigma or even financial problems. This program gives you an opportunity to help you loved ones heal.

You know how sometimes you are just so overwhelmed with emotions and you want to talk to someone but think no one will understand, so you let it sit inside you? We are that someone. Let it all out. We don’t just hear, we listen. Without judgment. Call us anytime, literally.